Instruction to prepare an abstract

+++ Deadline for Registration is March 31, 2008. +++
+++ Deadline for Abstract is February 29, 2008. +++
  • Each author is allowed ONE PAGE of A4 paper, which may include references and figures.
  • It is composed of one column.
  • The left and right margins must be 2 cm, the top and the bottom margins must be 2.5 cm.
  • The manuscript is to be typed using "Times" (or equivalent font).
  • The size for the title is 17pt. All the other parts of the text are typed using Times 11pt.
  • The title is centered and boldface.
  • The spacing between the lines is one (single spacing).
  • Leave one blank line between the centered title and the centered name(s) of the author(s).
  • Underline the Presenting Author's name.
  • Follow immediately below, and on a separate line, with his or her (their), affiliation(s).
  • Leave two blank lines before starting the text.
  • One abstract will be accepted for each participant.
  • The abstract book will be printed only with black ink. Colored figures will be automatically reduced to monochromatic tone.

We strongly recommend to prepare your abstract using the templates downloadble below.

[LaTeX] Get LaTeX style file and a sample.
  • Get archives for PC's (zip format) or Macintosh (StuffIt format). Extract with appropriate tools.
  • The style file "softjp.sty" should be placed in the same folder (directory) as a tex source file. You can modify the sample file "ISNS2008.sample.tex" with any text editors or word processors.
  • Compile the file with the "graphicx" and the "bibtex" packages.
  • You have to upload only a PDF file from the web registration system.
[Word] Get Word sample file.
  • Get a sample file for Microsoft Word. Any versions newer than Word2000 for Windows or Word2001 for Macintosh are (may be?) available.
  • You can edit this file to prepare your abstract file.
  • You have to upload only a PDF file from the web registration system. No word file is necessary.

Abstract Submission Form

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